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FINALLY! I had some time to finish these posters. Even though the Kickstarter for this project fell short I am still pushing ahead with my goal of having a mobile printmaking studio. The vehicle is is cold storage up by the great lakes and I just need to finish making what is needed to purchase it and we will be sitting pretty. Here are the prints. You can pick one up here: Green and Black or Orange and Black

ArtLab-green-3 ArtLab-green-5 ArtLab-orange-2 ArtLab-orange-6

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  1. Dale says:

    Cody- I’ve recently found myself trying to do what you have tried- to find a Fageol van. I began the search only to find how scarce they are. I have located a nice 30 footer in Iowa (too big for me), another big (& rusty) shell in Florida and talked to Page Moving & Storage in Tulsa about the van they bought new in 53 (and still use 63 years later)- its their ‘flagship’ and understandably won’t part with it. My wife talked to the guy who runs the Iowa 80 truck museum who had no leads for us. Along the way I ran across your blog about your efforts and see that I am, to an extent, retracing your steps. It seems that you’d located a van but in the end couldn’t get the project off the ground. All of this prompts me to get in touch and ask if you have any suggestions or leads to share. At this stage it appears my options are to patiently wait for something to one day appear on the internet or to bug any and everyone I can find who might know something about the van I hope to find. Its interesting how we get can get so fired up for an idea with no value other than fun but I guess that makes it worthwhile. Anyway, I really would appreciate any help you could lend.
    Dale Andersen
    Cartersville, GA

    -in my time online researching Fageols I ran across the article in the May 1955 International Trail magazine about a van set up to demonstrate Original Heidelberg presses. Its kind of along the line of what your idea is. If you haven’t already seen it go to-

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