Resin casting. Work in progress shots.

It has been a busy week! I won’t write much. I just wanted to show my progress on molding and resin casting.

This is my temporary work area in the garage. I have a borrowed pressure pot, a found vacuum compressor, an air compressor, my trusty glue gun and a lot of foamcore.

Here is a finished silicone mold. I cut down both sides to remove the original sculpt and hold them together with rubber bands when I pour resin.

Some times you sacrifice the original sculpt when removing it from the mold. This one isn’t to bad. I can super glue it together if I need it again for anything.

I hot glue the sculpt to the foamcore then build a box around it.

My first two part mold. It worked out pretty well but I definitely will do a few things differently next time when I need to do this again.

I have base coated my artist series of the shift knobs. There will be a pair done of each. Green, orange, purple, red and blue.

This is what 2 gallons of resin will cast. I use a 2 part 1/1 resin. I also will tint it with green so it will be easy to spot my raw resin casts from the competition.

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