Hot Rod t-shirt concepts

I have been thinking about a good way to use the linoleum block I have to print on some shirts. I have seen some successful shirts printed on an etching press and a few nice attempts on a letterpress. So I decided that I need to start working on some shirt ideas. The idea is to use bleach in a spray bottle to create light spots on shirt then print over that. It will require a wash between the bleach and actual printing. It will also require some drying time because oil base ink can’t be flash dried like normal t-shirt screen ink. The cool thing is that each shirt will be a unique art print. The bleach patters won’t be the same, art will be larger, and the print placement will vary slightly. The print run will be shot but if things go right I will have some put together for the HAMB DRAGS and GREASERAMA this summer.

So here are some of my ideas!

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  1. Dick kelley says:

    Are you making any of these shirts anymore the 57 is what I was interested in.

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