Occasionally we venture out into the great beyond. Here is a list of shows and events that you can find us at.

HAMB DRAGS – August 22, 2015
1960’s dragstrip – Asbury, MO
The HAMB drags is just about the best private drag race around for traditional hot rod enthusiasts.

We will be selling all of our new shift knobs and posters along with whatever other art we come up with before the show.


GREASERAMA – September 5-6, 2015
From Noon to midnight Saturday and Sunday you get to sit at an old drive and soak up the hot rod and rockabilly culture. Then when the sun goes down you get to see a show on the big screen. Nothing can beat that!

We will have our shift knobs up for sale. I will have painted and unpainted knobs. Cards, posters shop rags, mechanic shirts and a handful of art pieces also! Come by an see us at the show.